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You guys! My [community profile] yuletide story! It is SO. DAMN. SHINY. It is the Coriolanus slash of my dreams! [profile] oxfordgirl, you HAVE to read it.

I knew I was going to love it just from the list of tags: Agricultural Metaphors, Suspicious Wildlife, Manifesting Gods, Aesthetically Pleasing Corpses, Prophesy, Posthumous UST. And I was so, so right.

Flist, go give it a read! You don't have to know the Shakespeare to make sense of it. And while it's slashy, it's not explicit. Especially relevant to those with an interest in Odyssey and/or the Roman Gods.

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*grin* My tutors know me so well. I've finally gotten the information on my supervisor for my dissertation next term. I'm doing Beowulf - and they've hooked me up with a tutor whose specialism is 'same-sex relations and desires in Old English literature'.
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Heeeeeee! Shiny liverpool.

Rehearsal overran so I didn't get to see ANY of it. *sulk* Sheesh, I miss all the good ones. Coming from three behind? Fuck. All matches should do that.
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Well, thank fuck for that, neh?

Oh how much do I hate pentalties... and extra time... and being in bloody rehearsals during cup-finals, but that's my own stupid fault, and we'd finished by extra-time anyway, so I caught the end.

So much love for my boys. It's nice to be on the right side of a result like that for once.

Heh, not making amazingly much sense. Oh well.
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[profile] we_love_smudger, have you ever read Ivanhoe?

I was already thinking it was probably the best fun thing I've ever had to read for work-related purposes when who should show up and save the day in the final chapter but the Earl of Essex! And now Gary Neville is running around Sherwood Forrest with King Richard and Robin Hood and I am NEVER going to be able to write a sensible essay on this.....


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