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I'm off to Italy on choir tour in the wee small hours of the morning. No internet access for about a week, I guess...

Cut just in case anyone hasn't seen those Dr Who icons go past yet... )

In Real Life, my brother is the world's biggest pain in the arse. After the incident last week where he came up to Oxford without his asthma inhaler and we had to call out an ambulance, this week's trick involved a bottle of whiskey at the school prom... he's still vaguely conked out on the living room floor. It's almost amusing. He's also the ONLY person I know who would attempt to say the phrase 'my mental faculties have been impared' while falling down drunk...
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I just confused my prittstick with my lipsalve.

Oh well. At least it wasn't superglue.
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I simply couldn't resist the plotbunny that [profile] solar_type_star threw me the other day, so here we have a "missing scene" from Beowulf, staring Pires and Henry, written as an old English alliterative epic...

Beowulf and the Beautiful Game )
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My room is a tip.

Somewhere under the tip is Chomsky. I only got him out the library yesterday so he can't have gone toooo far, but...

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So, I wrote my essay until I ran out of obvious things to say, and then did a word count in the hope that mebbe I'd written enough words down that I wouldn't have to pad. And it's currently on exactly 990 words plus 10 words for the title, total of exactly 1000 words. Which is far too short to actually hand in, but so wonderfully neat and rounded that I do just have the urge to stop there and not pad at all just for the sake of handing in exactly 1000 words...
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Keats' poem 'Sleep and Poetry' lives up to its name by inducing sleep through poetry...

ETA: And I just misread the sentence "harbingers of death" as "hamburgers of death"...
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[personal profile] neonchameleon; I saw this and thought of you. Or rather our ongoing discussion on the nature of reality.

Neil Gaiman puts it better than I ever could (as usual).

cut because it's just a quote of a huge chunk of American Gods )

I don't agree with every statement, but the gist of it is my impression of the way the universe works.
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[profile] we_love_smudger, have you ever read Ivanhoe?

I was already thinking it was probably the best fun thing I've ever had to read for work-related purposes when who should show up and save the day in the final chapter but the Earl of Essex! And now Gary Neville is running around Sherwood Forrest with King Richard and Robin Hood and I am NEVER going to be able to write a sensible essay on this.....
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... d'you think that if I mention I've done two exams and an essay so far this term with no major incidents, and that Arsenal are currently one up against Tottenham, I'll jinx it and it will all go horribly wrong?
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Portia's brand new half naked rather stoned boyfriend just wandered into my room demanding to borrow DVDs and then looked mildly confused at the fact that he had no idea who I actually was... and even more confused at the fact that my dvd collection is limited almost exclusively at the moment to kiddy fantasy films and musicals. "You're not really Jess!" he accused me in that stoned kinda way. "Yes I am," I said without really thinking about it. It wasn't until he'd wandered off again that I registered that he actually meant it; he was talking about Jess who lives opposite me.
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Mediaeval. I desperately need to learn to spell that word, at least well enough that spell-checks recognises it. Preferably by tomorrow. Mediaeval mediaeval mediaeval mediaeval. Medi. A. EvAl.

In other news that I forgot to mention when I updated like three minutes ago, I have dyed my hair. Bright blue. I was gonna mention only when I had pics, but I still haven't managed to grab my camera of [profile] vampire_kitten.
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Y'know, I think that's the longest I've gone without updating this thing since I first got it.

So, what have I been doing in my absence? Meh, really not a lot. Past week or so I've been ill, week before that I was in Wales... but mostly I've just felt like I have nothing to say. There's been a lot of football, and some of it's held my interest, but nothing has jumped out at me as worth squeeing over or writing about, and I've not written anything at all in... bloody ages, probably the longest I've gone without writing anything creative in about the last three years... there's been politics I've felt I probably ought to coment on (if only to say my anti-immigration slogan iz pasted on Yay!!1!) but, y'know, apathy.

So basically this is just an 'I-aten't-dead' post. :)
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Oh god, I just accidentally downloaded pornographic fanart pictures of an eighties cartoon I was once obsessed with onto my dad's computer... and I know for a FACT that no matter how hard I delete them he's going to know they were there.
*blush* I didn't think it was going to be, you know, your actual porn. And then it really rather was.


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