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Have now got half way through this term without having to ask my flist to remind me why I don't want to quit my degree. During that period, I have cried hysterically only once, done Stupid Things only once, and only failed to hand in one piece of work. I think that's pretty good going.
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I had a good day today. Manically busy, extremely tiring, but good. I'm feeling properly happy and positive again for the first time in quite a while. I danced, and got some of the fiddly bits right; I worked solidly all weekend through workstress without getting depressed or panicky, and I got almost everything I needed to done, and what I didn't get done didn't matter; I bluffed my way through the class I hadn't done enough reading for and now the worst bit of work for this term is over and it's only Tuesday of 1st week. I made an internet stranger happy - not even someone off my flist, just... a random person, just by saying the right thing at the right time - and that always makes me feel good.

I'm looking forward to the rest of term.

I love my girlfriend.

I love my friends. All of you.

And wheeee for Dresden Dolls, my new music obsession of the moment - and I mean even apart from the rather wonderful lyrics, there's the fact that their music sits so beautifully in the gap between hard rock and cabaret-style musicals.

And I saw the Serenity trailor and it rocked.
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... I think I might actually have to ask my tutors for this morning's reaffirmation in writing. They don't think I'm rubbish and should go away now.
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So yeah, it takes me til three am on Thursday of 8th week to finally click into 'oooh, I can atually do this whole work malarky' mode.

*sheepish grin*


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