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Heeeeeee! Shiny liverpool.

Rehearsal overran so I didn't get to see ANY of it. *sulk* Sheesh, I miss all the good ones. Coming from three behind? Fuck. All matches should do that.
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Well, thank fuck for that, neh?

Oh how much do I hate pentalties... and extra time... and being in bloody rehearsals during cup-finals, but that's my own stupid fault, and we'd finished by extra-time anyway, so I caught the end.

So much love for my boys. It's nice to be on the right side of a result like that for once.

Heh, not making amazingly much sense. Oh well.
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We all know someone who has a particular "obsession" with one footballer: Alli has Gary, Amanda has Smudge, Chelseaurchin has Xabi etc etc.

But what I wanna know is, when was the first moment you ever clapped eyes on the creature of your utmost desire? Was he on the pitch? Being interviewed? Or did you discover him online? Did someone refer you to him?

Tell us who your footballer is and the circumstances of your falling for him.

you mean I have to pick just one? )
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I think everyone I know who applied for a postal vote with the exception of [profile] dyddgu ended up disenfranchised. Le sigh.
D'you reckon Becks, Mikey or any of the other footballers out in Europe registered for postal votes? And if so, do you reckon they arrived? I suspect it would have been newsworthy if they had and they hadn't... but mebbe that's just me.
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... d'you think that if I mention I've done two exams and an essay so far this term with no major incidents, and that Arsenal are currently one up against Tottenham, I'll jinx it and it will all go horribly wrong?
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I had a very long and complicated dream last night, which I'd probably write up as fic if it wasn't for the fact that I'm snowed under with work. It involved Thierry Henry being wrongly accused of murder but having difficulty getting off because admitting where he actually had been at the time the crime was committed would have meant admitting to Teh Slash.

Other news? 2 Longwall Street has turned into feminist boot-camp this week. I'm working on feminist linguistics, and [profile] vampire_kitten has acquired a copy of The Descent of Woman. Plus all the Andrea Dworkin stuff that's been floating around - another thing I don't have time to write is the poncy essay floating around in the back of my head on Dworkin's feminism and slash as the appropriation of the male's been said before in general, but not specifically in relation to her ideas about body-indentity and pornography, I don't think.

Anyway. Back to the revision.


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