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Ok. Right. Warnings for implied m/m. Also, angst.

Day Two - In Silence )
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So, tomorrow is December the first.
I'm planning on attempting the advent fic challenge again this year. Haven't posted sooner because I've been too busy failing nanowrimo, but there you go.

I'm going to do this year's advent calender a little differently to in previous years. This year, I'm going to do it as a variation on the theme of 'Captain Jack Harkness Sexes Everyone In Fandom'.

I have many ideas already, but if any of you horrible lot would like to request a specific person/people to pair Jack up with, a particular fandom you'd like to see him run rampage in, or a particular scenario you'd like me to attempt, feel free to request away. Given my slasher brain and Jack's bisexuality, suggestions for suitable women would be especially appreciated, as would anyone/thing non-humanoid. Real people welcome, especially if historical. You know which fandoms I'm familiar with, but feel free to try me with anything, I'll see what I can do. Comments screened so that all advent fics are a suprise.

As an added bonus, on the 18th of December, [personal profile] cottonwoolfairy and [personal profile] opportunemoment are going to be singing christmas carols with John Barrowman. If they complete their mission successfully, then 19th December's fic will be a fandom of his choosing *grin*
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I simply couldn't resist the plotbunny that [profile] solar_type_star threw me the other day, so here we have a "missing scene" from Beowulf, staring Pires and Henry, written as an old English alliterative epic...

Beowulf and the Beautiful Game )


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