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An overturn to the hideous DLA reforms is being proposed in the House of Commons as an EDM (Early Day Motion):

This is a huge step forwards to having our concerns taken seriously. If you believe that the changes to DLA are unfair, please please click the link above write to your MP and ask them to sign the ammendment. (

(If you do not believe that changes to DLA are unfair, try reading this:
or this:
or these:

Even if you believe that cuts should occur, surely, surely these are not the people we should be targeting. Surely these are people that we should be protecting. )
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This is an unlocked link post; it has no identifying information about my place(s) of work or the people I work with. Please make use of this to link it as widley as possible.

National day of action against benefits cuts on the 24th. Can't take time off work? Participate in Troll a Tory campaign. Just like your usual internet procrastiation, only better!

If you are on my flist, you know someone who is affected by these issues. Likelyhood is, if you've been linked here by anyone else, you know someone affected by these issues too.

The student protests had in the region 30,000 people show up. The last action against benefits cuts day had 30 people. That is just not good enough:

Now, lots of people who are on benefits have difficulty getting to protests: they can't afford it, they have mobility issues, they're worried about getting their benefits stopped.

So this means two things: firstly, if you can show up or act, even if you are not directly affected by the cuts, it is so, so important that you do. If you are reading this, you have access to a computer, and you know someone affected. So if you do nothing else, you can sign the petition, here:

Other things you can do include e-mailling your MP (, writing a post in solidarity, linking to The Broken of Britains ( and/or Disabled People Against the Cuts (

More you can do, here:
or here:

Try and do something on Monday if you can! When 30,000 people take to the streets at the same time, it's easy for them to be counted. This is harder! If you are going to do something, even if it's just sign the petition or relink this post, please comment here and let me know. Even if I exclude inactive journals and people I know aren't reading, there must be close to 100 people reading this journal. So let me know you're listening to me when it's important!

If you would physically be at the protest but can't be cos your disability prevents you, let me know! I might even try and get proxy-protestors sorted for people. (If you would be prepared to be a proxy-protester, please also let me know!)

1% fraud. 20% cuts. That's 19% of geniunely disabled people on these benefits, who need these benefits to leave the house and care for themselves, who will no longer recieve them. They might not be 'the most vulnerable of disabled people', whatever that means, but they are extremely likely to be more vulnerable, physically and financially, than the rest of the general population; and certainly than financial service workers and politicians.
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Happy new year all!

I was planning on posting something about new year's resolutions, and I also still have something to post to the [community profile] yuletide com, but I'm kinda floored for posting properly at the moment cos I've just heard that FWD/Feminists With Disabilities ( is to stop posting. Which, gah, leaves me feeling really quite adrift it the cold hard world of the internet and disability politics. FWD has gotten me through some pretty rough times, has opened my eyes on disability and intersectionality issues of all kind, including some for which I have lived experience, and has generally been one of my absolute all time favourite blogs over about the past year.

For me, 2010 was a year of increased participation in both Disability activism and Disability arts, and I suspect my abiding memories of the year will include sitting in hotel rooms up and down the country reading FWD from the screen of my mobile phone.

I'm... actually quite heartbroken. Odd. Although I only lurked over there and rarely participated, FWD meant a heck of a lot to me.

I am starting BSL classes next week. I am still intending to post something about disability to [community profile] yuletide about Disability. I actually still haven't written up the accesibility stuff I've been meaning to for Odyssey.

FWD will be remaining maintained as an archive. If you're interested in that sort of thing, or if you just want to humour me, go check it out. And if you already know what I'm talking about, toast with me as we make our way Forward to a more accessable future. *nodnod*


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